College Scholarships

Knox College offers a number of scholarships. Application forms and Terms and Conditions are published on this website when the scholarships are available.

The Elman Poole Centennial Fellowship
The Elman Poole Fellowship was established in 2008 through the generosity of Dr Elman Poole, a former resident of the College (Knox 1944-47). It is awarded to a postgraduate student, with preference given to applicants who have completed a degree in music at Honours level. The tenure of the Fellowship is two years. The award provides accommodation in the College’s postgraduate Ryburn Wing and makes provision for the holder to travel overseas as part of his or her research.

The Ross Fellowship
The Ross Fellowship was established in 1920 and was the first fellowship to be offered at the University of Otago. It was inaugurated to mark the 60th wedding anniversary of the College’s principal benefactors, Sir John and Lady Ross. It has been awarded every two years and provides $6500 per year towards the cost of accommodation in the College’s postgraduate area.  It is available to an outstanding postgraduate student.

Sons of the Manse Scholarship
Funds collected from 1929-1932 by the Reverend William McDonald while Minister of Epsom Presbyterian Church form the base of this scholarship. Members of the College who are the son or daughter of a Minister or Missionary and are studying for a profession other than service in the Church are able to apply for the Sons of the Manse scholarship.

Fleming Galway Organ Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2003 through the generosity of Dr Hugh Fleming, a former resident of the College. The scholarship is named after Dr Fleming and his father- in-law, Professor Victor Galway, first Professor of Music at the University of Otago and a noted organist. The Scholarship is awarded each year to a resident who is studying organ performance.

Fleming Galway Organ Fellowship
As with the Fleming Galway Organ Scholarship, the Fleming Galway Organ Fellowship was established in 2003 by Dr Fleming. The Fellowship is awarded each year to an organist who will encourage and assist the musical life of the College through performing recitals and offering tuition to those interested in playing the organ, as well as playing the organ at the College’s Chapel services.

Choral Scholarships
The College offers a number of Choral Scholarships to students, either undergraduate or graduate, who are resident members of Knox College and committed to membership of the Knox College Chapel Choir. Supernumerary Choral Scholarships are sometimes also available for former residents of the College. See a performance by the 2009 Choral Scholars at a University Graduation ceremony.

The A.S. Paterson Scholarship
Named after Alexander Stronach Paterson, a successful Dunedin businessman and benefactor in the early 20th century, the Paterson Scholarship, equivalent to half of a resident’s annual accommodation fees, is available to a University student who will be in his or her third year of residence, has a superior University academic record and has made a significant contribution to College life during the previous two years.

Financial support
Knox College strives to ensure that none of its residents will fail through having to leave on account of hardship. The generosity of past benefactors, particularly Lady Ross and Dr Reay Mackay, enables Knox College to assist those residents who experience genuine hardship. For more information contact the Master.

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