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About Knox

Living at Knox Today
Knox College, 107 years old in 2015, is one of New Zealand’s best-known university residential colleges. Affiliated with the University of Otago, Knox has upgraded every room in its main Tower Block and conducted significant earthquake proofing work. In 2015 it is home to 262 undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is a College with a spirit of enthusiasm and a proud history.

Knox is situated on a tranquil bush-clad hillside site just 15 minutes’ walk through Dunedin’s Botanic Garden to the University campus. Its stunning buildings and exceptional services and facilities are an outstanding example of how well students can live while working hard and enjoying life to the full in a close-knit community.

A very high proportion of residents return for a second year. Because of this continuity, Knox provides a stable and supportive community where first-year students can come to grips quickly with the life-style and traditions of Knox, as well as the requirements of university.

Knox residents have a high rate of academic success, especially in the most demanding academic areas of the University.

Under the direction of our highly-qualified Catering Manager, the College kitchen provides each resident with three tasty and nutritious meals each day, seven days a week. Each meal comes with a vegetarian option and at dinner there is a choice of two different meat dishes. Early and late meals and packed lunches are available for those whose lectures, labs, tutorials or sports practices fall during or close to meal times. The kitchen is able to cater for those with special diets.

Residential Staff
The head of the College holds the traditional title of Master of Knox College. He lives with his wife in the Master’s Lodge, a separate residence on the site of the College. He is assisted by the Deputy Master, who also lives in a separate residence adjacent to the College. Resident Residential Leaders live in the College to look after the well-being of the residents and ensure a safe and supportive environment.

Accommodation Fees at Knox College are set annually. Fees for 2015 are $366 per week for a single study bedroom and $380 per person for a set of rooms (two single study bedrooms linked by a shared lounge). Fees are calculated over a 38 week academic week.

All undergraduate residents are required to pay an annual Activities Fee of $250.

Postgraduate Accommodation
The College has a number of rooms set aside specifically for postgraduate students. These rooms are within their own wing. Postgraduates, called Fellows in Residence, are members of the College’s Senior Common Room.

Choosing Knox – How to Apply

More information
The 2015 Knox Residents Handbook  is a comprehensive guide to Knox College. It includes procedures, rules, disciplinary regulations and policies with which all College residents must be familiar. It is updated regularly and is published on this website. The last update was 01 September 2014. The Discipline Appeals Process outlines procedures to be followed if an appeal is to be made against a disciplinary decision made by the Master. The Ethical Behaviour Policy sets out the College’s expectations with respect to staff and resident conduct.

Information for New Residents – F.A.Q.s

Knox is an awesome ‘traditional’ environment to be part of in your first year. It has no comparison to the other colleges, other than its rival college Selwyn. At Knox between this years first and second years there is a saying, “Knox is what you make of it” and well in 2014 I made life long friendships, matured, studied and had a great time, is there anything else I need? NO!
- Gianni-Rose Farrant (2014)

The best thing about Knox is that you can keep doing all the sporting and cultural activities you’ve loved, it’s these and our college traditions which instills a love of heritage that bring over two hundred people together to a place where you make friends for life.
- Richard Brown (2014)

Knox College, is an amazing first year college to attend, with the presence of second year residents it really does differentiate our hall from any other residential college, it allows for an amazing experience and you really feel as though you are a part of one big family, not only with those who live here but also with the ‘exies’ of Knox College.
- Laura Pinn (2014)

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