Knox Alumni Event: Wellington

On Wednesday 4 July, more than 120 Knox alumni gathered in the Grand Hall of Parliament in Wellington for the first college alumni event since the College Centenary back in 2009.

The Master of Knox College, Dr Graham Redding, hosted the event. National MPs the Hon Tim Macindoe and the Hon Nikki Kaye welcomed the alumni to parliament and shared some personal memories of when they had been residents of Knox College in the early 1980s and late 1990s respectively. The current Vice-President of the Knox College Students' Club, Jack Saunders, spoke in glowing terms about what the current Knox experience is like, and a Trustee of the Foundation of Knox College and Salmond College, Professor Nicola Peart, talked about the work of the Foundation in helping fund new developments, including the provision of more scholarships to make Knox affordable for those of limited financial means, and potential building developments.

A good spread of ages was represented among the alumni, including three alumni who had attended Knox College in the 1940s: Wyn Beasley, Colin Fenton and Denzil Brown (pictured below)

Also pictured below are the Hon Nikki Kaye and the Hon Tim Macindoe with the KCSC Vice-President Jack Saunders and Sub-masters Alec McWhirter and Juliana Costa.