Frequently Asked Questions

The following information should be read in conjunction with the Residents' Handbook

  1. When does the College open for the 2020 academic year?
  2. What should I bring?
  3. What computer and internet facilities are there?
  4. Should I be concerned about the distance between Knox and Uni?
  5. How is it decided which room I will have?
  6. How will I be informed about things I need to know about in the College?
  7. What's the food like at Knox?
  8. What's Knox's policy on alcohol?
  9. What happens if I get sick?
  10. Am I allowed guests in the College?
  11. What academic support does Knox provide?

When does the College open for the 2020 academic year?

The College opens on Saturday 15 February. New residents should aim to shift in sometime between 9.00am and 3.00pm that day. When you arrive at the College for the first time, please call at the front office in the main lobby of the Tower Block. A staff member will escort you to your room and answer any questions that you may have. The first College meeting is at 3 pm in the Junior Common Room and the first meal will be dinner at 5.30pm.

Unfortunately we cannot provide accommodation for your family or friends around the time that you move into the College. There are plenty of motels and hotels nearby, but because demand is likely to be high we recommend advance bookings. Parents are welcome to come and help you move in, and tea and coffee will be available throughout the day.

You must notify the College by 1st February 2020 of your expected date and time or arrival. A link to an online arrival time form will be emailed to you in January. If your travel arrangements or University course require you to arrive before the College session opens you will be charged a daily fee. These arrangements must be made with the College in advance through the online arrival form.

Returning students can come back a day earlier on Friday 14 February.

What should I bring?

The College provides you with bedding (sheets, pillow, pillowcase and duvet). You may wish to bring an extra pillow or blanket/throw. Such items should be named. College sheets and pillowcases are laundered weekly. You must bring your own towel(s), which should also be named. Because you will be sharing bathroom facilities with others, you should bring a dressing gown, slippers and toiletry bag.

It is important that you feel at home in your room. Anything that makes your space more personalised is okay, e.g. cushions, throws, framed photos, posters, etc., but please note, only genuine blutac may be used to affix things to walls. No nails, screws, sellotape, drawing pins etc. are allowed.

You may bring some electrical equipment (e.g., hair dryers) if it has been tested and tagged (i.e. certified as safe) by an electrician. Do not bring electric blankets, cooking appliances, heated towel rails or irons.

You should note that the College has a dinner dress code on Sunday nights. This is spelt out in the Residents' Handbook, but in general terms you can note the following: for men the dress code comprises a jacket and tie, and for women it comprises a dress or dress pants or dress jeans, or a skirt with a blouse, dress shirt or formal top. Suitable footwear must also be worn.

Residents always appreciate care packs throughout the year and these can be couriered directly to Knox. The address is: Knox College, 3 Arden Street, Opoho, Dunedin 9010

You will be notified when parcels, home baking, flowers arrive for you. To ensure correct delivery, packages should be clearly labelled.

What computer and internet facilities are there?

Almost all residents nowadays bring their own computer or laptop with them to University. The College has WIFI access throughout the College, giving you access to the University of Otago's Student Network System (SNS). Please note that you will not need to sign up with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) as the University of Otago acts as the ISP for all students connected to the system.

If you don't have your own computer, there are some available for your use in the Hewitson Library. There is also a printer there that you can use. You will be given a printer account, which can be accessed by personal code through the Library computers. Money can be put on your printing account at the Knox administration office.

Should I be concerned about the distance between Knox and Uni?

No. Generations of Knoxies have been embracing it for over 100 years without a problem. The Uni campus is just a pleasant 15 minute walk through the Botanic Gardens (or a 5-minute bike ride). If you plan for that each day you'll be fine, and besides, it's a good form of exercise. You can take a packed lunch with you if you want. In the evenings on week days there is a free shuttle service which we share with Salmond College. There are three pick-up times from a designated point on the varsity campus: 6pm, 9pm and 11pm. That means you can work or study late without worrying about how you're going to get home. All you need to do is go on-line earlier in the day to book the shuttle you want. Although lots of Knoxies walk back to Knox at night without incident, we do advise you to avoid walking through the Botanic Gardens after dark. If you stick to the main streets, which have good lighting, you should be fine. That advice applies to Dunedin in general.

If your preferred mode of transport is a car, motorbike or scooter you must register it at the Knox administration office as soon as possible after your arrival. You will be issued with a Knox parking permit. There are specified student car park areas within the College grounds. Parking is free.

The College has bike racks and a secure bicycle shed.

There are four distinct advantages about being a bit further away from Uni than most other colleges:

  1. Being outside the student precinct means it's quieter, especially in the evenings when you want a good night's sleep. No noise from student flats in the Castle-Dundas-Hyde Street area is a big plus.
  2. More spacious grounds (including lots of car parking), extra facilities (including the Cameron Hall, Hewitson Library and Ross Chapel), and a selection of large, character-filled bedrooms (including 25 Double-A sets - i.e., bedrooms with private lounges attached).
  3. The health benefits from a daily walk or bike-ride!
  4. Proximity to the Gardens Corner, with a New World Supermarket, sports ground, bank, hair salon, bakery, and a selection of affordable cafes and bars just a couple of minutes walk from Knox. The local Inch Bar, Filadelfios Pizzeria, Beam Me Up Bagel, Khmer Satay Noodle House and Indian Spice Restaurant are especially popular among Knoxies.

How is it decided which room I will have?

The allocation of rooms is at the Deputy Master's discretion. Most first-year residents live in small accommodation blocks (called Houses) comprising a number of bedrooms, a bathroom, and in most cases a lounge and kitchenette. Most second-year returners live in 'sets' of rooms in the main Tower Block, each comprising two single bedrooms and adjoining private lounge which the two residents share.

You cannot swap rooms without the permission of the Master or Deputy Master.

How will I be informed about things I need to know about in the College?

The main means of in-house communications are via a Knox College Facebook page and a Knox College Students' Club Facebook page. Every resident is strongly encouraged to join these two Facebook groups.

Announcements and other items of interest also appear on the Master's Notice Board, which is located at the end of the corridor leading to the Great Hall, and on a student notice board in the Junior Common Room.

What's the food like at Knox?

Excellent. We have our own in-house catering team who work to a four-week menu cycle, which means that there is plenty of variety. Lunches and dinners include meat and vegetarian options and a range of salads, cooked vegetables and fresh fruit. Packed lunches are available. Late dinners can be requested if work or study commitments mean that you cannot be in College at dinner time. Residents with food allergies or intolerances can be accommodated, but you will need to inform the Head Chef and provide supporting medical documentation, such as a letter from your doctor or allergy specialist. About the only things we can't cater for are Vegan or strict Halal diets.

What's Knox's policy on alcohol?

Here's a bullet-point summary:

  • If you request an Alcohol Free Room then you will be placed in an area of the College with other residents who have made the same request. That area is deemed to be Alcohol Free for the year.
  • If you are under 18 your parents or guardian must complete and sign an Alcohol Consent Form in order for you to drink at College events such as the annual Garden Party.
  • The College is alcohol-free from Sunday through Wednesday nights. Alcohol may be consumed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in accordance with the alcohol policy in the Resident's Handbook. The main thing to note here is that drinking is expected to be moderate and responsible and must not interfere with the rights of other residents to use and enjoy their own bedrooms and common areas, including their right to study and sleep.
  • As soon as lectures finish for the semester the College enters an alcohol-free Study Zone, which means no alcohol on site from then through to the end of the exams.

What happens if I get sick?

Tell your Sub-Master, friends or any of our staff that you are feeling unwell. We will organise meals to be delivered to your room and help you to contact Student Health. If you need to go to the Urgent Doctor or to Hospital, we will accompany you (if one of our pastoral staff is available) or arrange for a taxi to take you there. If you make your own way there, please keep us informed so that we can follow up on how you are.

Am I allowed guests in the College?

Yes. Day visitors are welcome from breakfast time until 9.30pm each night.

Parents or friends visiting from out-of-town are welcome to bunk down in your room for an overnight bed and breakfast charge of $10, except during Orientation Week and over exam periods. At least 48 hours prior to your guest's arrival, a Guest Accommodation Form must be completed by you, approved by the Master or Deputy Master, and then taken to the Ross Wing Laundry for extra bedding to be reserved.

If you are in a steady relationship with a non-resident and would like to make provision for your partner to stay overnight from time to time then you can apply to the Master or Deputy Master for a Partner Pass. We will want to meet your partner to satisfy ourselves that he or she is a person of good character and will abide by the conditions under which he or she is being allowed to stay overnight in the College.

If your guest wants to stay for lunch or dinner then the cost is $7.00 for lunch and $10.00 for dinner. You must sign them in to a Guest Book in the kitchen servery. Guest charges will be added to your College account.

You are responsible for your guests or visitors at all times, and for their behavior.

What academic support does Knox provide?

Hewitson Library

Tutorials constitute the backbone of academic support at Knox, and they complement University-run classes. In general, if five or more residents request a tutorial in any particular subject area then we will try to find a suitable tutor. Weekly tutorials normally last an hour, although longer sessions may be run by request. Tutors are usually appointed on the recommendation of University departments.

Residents are urged to make the best use possible of this service. In association with the University's Student Learning Centre, we also offer general study skills sessions and examination technique workshops. In some cases, residents may require extra help outside the tutorial programme. There are a number of options available. Residents should contact the Deputy Master to discuss these issues.

We strongly recommend that residents explore the Student Learning Centre resources before embarking on their University study.