About Knox

Click HERE for a 2-minute video clip (courtesy of Tristan Tolley, a 2015 Knox resident).

Knox College, founded by the Presbyterian Church in 1909, is one of New Zealand's oldest and best-known residential colleges. Affiliated to the University of Otago, it counts among its alumni no less than eighteen Rhodes Scholars. Many of its residents have gone on to serve with distinction in their chosen fields, including academia, politics, religion, science, music, the arts, and the professions of law, medicine, dentistry and commerce. With a strong tutorial programme, excellent study spaces, including the magnificent Hewitson Library, and peer support groups, the College does everything it can to provide its residents with the support they need to attain their academic goals.

The College is situated on a tranquil bush-clad hillside site just 15 minutes' walk through Dunedin's Botanic Gardens to the University campus. A free shuttle service is available on weekday evenings to bring students back to the College from the University. In 2011, the main Tower Block underwent a major earthquake proofing and refurbishment programme, making it one of the safest and most beautifully maintained heritage buildings in the country.

The College is home to 262 undergraduate and postgraduate residents, about a third of who are returners. An active Knox College Students' Club (KCSC) plays a major role in organising College affairs and providing a sense of continuity from one generation of students to the next. The valuing of tradition is evident in some of the names and titles around the College. For example, the Head of College is known as the Master; the residential assistants are called Sub-Masters; the College has a ceremonial officer called the Beadle (a highly sought-after position among the residents); the dining room is known as the Great Hall (which has a Hogwarts feel to it); and one of the common rooms is called the Buttery. Dinner on Sunday nights is a formal occasion with a dress code, served tables and entertainment between courses. Occasional themed dinners such as the very popular Harry Potter Dinner add another dimension to the Knox dining experience.

Our vision is to be a world-class residential college where students are part of a community that affirms and empowers every resident, expands thought and outlook, encourages service, fosters leadership, and builds strong bonds of friendship.

Rooms and Facilities

Knox College comprises a range of buildings, from historic to modern, from stand-alone cottages and houses to a main accommodation block. Bedrooms are generally equipped with a bed (and linen), study desk, work chair, easy chair and wardrobe. They are cleaned weekly. Twenty-five pairs of bedrooms in the main tower block, known as 'sets', have a shared lounge.

The main social hub of the College consists of the Junior Common Room and Great Hall. It is supplemented by the Buttery and other small common room areas around the College. The Junior Common Room, or Jace as it is affectionately known, has a grand piano and full-sized billiards table. The Ross Chapel constitutes the spiritual heart of the College (see more detail below). The beautiful Hewitson Library provides a substantial study space for residents, and the Cameron Hall a venue for College socials, meetings and indoor sports. The College also has a gym and music room.

The Ross Chapel

The Ross Chapel is open 24 hours a day as a quiet place for prayer and meditation. Choral Services are held at 4.30pm on Sunday afternoons during term time. They are usually led by the Master, who is an ordained Minister in the Presbyterian Church. The Ross Chapel Choir is comprised of Knox residents. A limited number of Choral Scholarships are awarded each year. The Choir Master is Richard Madden. Non-resident friends of the College are always welcome at these services. The Chapel is also used occassionally for weddings and other special services.

The use of the Ross Chapel is linked to the special character of Knox College, which the Board of Knox College and Salmond College has described in terms which you can see if you click HERE.

Resident's Handbook

For more information about life at Knox, including its rules and regulations, go to the Resident's Handbook